Why Travel to Lanzarote This Summer

If you’re wondering where to go this summer, we have the perfect destination for you: Lanzarote. Found in the Canary Islands, this holiday destination is one of the more popular in the warmer months and for good reason. Great sandy beaches, enviable sunshine and some fantastic deals and great cheap flights straight to Lanzarote, this destination is one of the best in Europe. To give you some inspiration for your future getaway plans, here are the top reasons why you should visit this warm, seaside location in the future. We wish you happy travels and may the weather be ever in your favour.

Lots to See

The island of Lanzarote has a multitude of attractions that are just perfect to see in the summertime. With the warmer weather, you should plan on visiting at least some of the following destinations:

There are also plenty of beaches dotted around the coastline which is itself a pleasure to explore. After renting a conveniently placed serviced villa, you will then have easy access to all of these attractions and many more. The weather should also be quite friendly, giving you a higher chance of enjoying your vacation.

Plenty to Do

As well as a host of attractions, the island of Lanzarote also boasts countless activities for the keen traveller. Since the temperatures are high, most of these will focus around the water. While at the beaches, you can partake in snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, parasailing and kayaking. The island is also home to a water park and several submarine tour agencies for a closer look at the aquatic lifestyle. Lastly, the shopping scene here offers some amazing bargains on everything from clothing to electronics. Just be sure to haggle to get a better price!

Comfy Accommodation

Lanzarote is also up-and-coming on the travelling scene, emerging as a recent luxury tour option. This means that you can find plenty of places to stay here. Whether you’re looking a fully-serviced beachside apartment or a backpacker’s hostel, you should be able to find somewhere suitable to lay your head each night. Just make sure you choose some accommodation close to the tourist destinations you wish to visit. After all, the island is quite large so you won’t want to be driving too much to reach all of the attractions on your to-do-list.

Sumptuous Cuisine

Those visiting the Canary Islands will also get to experience the local cuisine which is unlike anything found on Earth. As there’s plenty of water, most dishes are seafood based. Some of the highlights while dining on a warm summer night are:

  • Ropa Vieja. Beef and chicken mixed with chickpeas and potatoes.
  • Papas Arrugadas. A potato dish served with meat or fish and spicy sauce.
  • Bienmesabe. A dessert made from almonds, lemon rind and eggs.

Be sure to taste the island’s many sauces too. Called mojo, they come in a variety of forms, from sour to spicy, and add something extra special to the local cuisine. While at your private holiday apartment, you might even get a local chef who can whip up these delicacies for you. What better way to spend the summer months this year?

Travelling Convenience

Finally, Lanzarote is a holiday destination that is so simple. First, it’s found in an exotic location yet remains a territory of Spain. This means that anyone in the EU can travel there without having to apply for a visa. Just book your plane ticket and head on out. Second, it’s in the same time zone as the UK, helping tourists avoid the dreaded jet lag and simply get into their holiday without having to adjust their body clock at all.

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