Spend your holidays in Florence to explore its beauty

When it comes to holidays people start planning trip to their favorite destination or to explore new places.  Really, such trips work as a stress buster and make you have some break from your daily work and enjoy a quality life focusing on you and your loved one’s likes. If you are also planning to make such trip and want to explore a new place then making trip to the Florence can be the best choice. The glory of present of this city is its past. This city is known for its historical buildings, possessions and art. So, if you got a chance to visit this city you should never miss the chance of exploring different attractions of this city. To book a trip to Florence you can contact any touring company.  To book this trip online, you can visit https://www.guidedflorencetours.com/en/.

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Attraction to visit to explore the beauty of this city

The Ponte vechhio or old bridge

This is one of the most know historical attractions of this city. The fame of this bridge lies on the fact that it was the only bridge in the city situated near to the roman crossing until 1218.  The current bridge is assumes to be rebuilt after 1345 flood. Such bridge reflects the glory of the architectural art of the past and gives you a chance to click some beautiful pictures with your loved one on this bridge.

Explore the garden of Florence

When you will reach the Florence, you will feel that you have reached the city of stone where there are only towers and mansions situated and there is no existence of greenery. But when you will go deep you will get a chance to uniquely design gardens in this city. There are three most popular gardens:

  • The rose garden
  • Boboli garden
  • Bardini garden
  • The Irish garden
  • Cascine Park
  • The botanical garden

Walking tour to accademia gallery

Accaddemia gallery is another most popular attraction of Florence that is known for its beauty.  If you book this tour, you will get chance a to explore the marble masterpiece and status like florence’piglet statue and more things that are famous all around the world. You will also get your chance to see the slave’s statue welcoming visitors there. Leisurely walking around the historic center of Florence will provide you with great joy, pleasure and knowledge.

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