“Please ship my luggage”

Hearty congratulations if you are getting married soon and embarking on a dream cruise holiday for your honeymoon.

After the glorious wedding and sumptuous reception wouldn’t it be lovely if pixies offered a door to door luggage service so that the only chance of back breaking lifting will be from elevating champagne glasses during toasts and canapés at an on board reception?

Welcome to your dream come true.  Please don’t let the luxurious indulgence end with the last piece of confetti. It can last until you’re at home again.

Luggage Heroes from Tefra-bag, a long established European luggage logistics firm, has extended their network in to the UK in 2016 and using their reputation abroad as an indication, rival UK luggage forwarders will have to keep their standards high to match Luggage Heroes 5* guarantee and cost effectiveness.

UK luggage forwarders provide an invaluable service by taking the strain for clients.

After planning the wedding and the honeymoon you deserve a rest so companies like Tefra-bag offer Luggage Heroes so that their clients can enjoy themselves from the first to the last second of their honeymoon, not just when they arrive onboard the cruise ship but from the home address.

The booking process is pleasantly simple. Many of the UK luggage forwarders who work from each of the cruise ports have a procedure that won’t tax your brain or swallow precious time.

This is an example of what clients need to do and experience:

  • Contact the door to door luggage service provider and ask them (rather than pixies) to “please ship my luggage.”
  • They’ll offer a quote and explain how they will ensure that your luggage will get from your home to the cruise ship and be waiting for you on arrival.
  • You can book a return journey in which the UK luggage forwarders carry your luggage from your cruise ship and deliver it to you, normally on the day after you get home.
  • They’ll send unique barcoded labels to be fixed to your pieces of luggage. Door to door luggage services should have insurance as part of the package.
  • The luggage logistics firm collects your luggage on the day and at the approximate time selected at the booking stage and communication is key so they will make contact with clients to ensure a smooth service.
  • The luggage is shipped securely and safely by UK luggage forwarders using the data on the labels fixed to the luggage. It is delivered to the ship’s cabin by the best firms so that when you reach your honeymoon cabin you won’t have to worry about where your luggage is.
  • Enjoy your honeymoon and if you’ve booked return door to door luggage services the company will collect on arrival, from the cabin with the premier service providers.
  • You and your luggage will reach home with no stress or exertion.

Door to door luggage services are simple, effective and luxurious for the client. Why wait to book?

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