How to Enjoy a Holiday Tour of Florence


In this article we will discuss how to enjoy holiday tour of Florence. It is the capital city of Italy, it is the most highly populated city in Tuscany. Florence city has been a center of attraction among tourists since last 25 years. It was declared as a place of World Heritage by UNESCO in the year 1982. This place is well popular for its unique culture, life style, architecture depicting the period of Renaissance as well as historical monuments. This destination has many majestic and eye catching museums as well as art galleries. These places depict the fields of culture and art. Florence has an artistic as well as cultural heritage as ranked by Forbes it is one of the prettiest cities around the whole world. It is also an essential city where Italian fashion flourishes.

Places worth seeing in Florence

Let us see some places that are worthy to visit in Florence:-

  • The Uffizi Gallery Tip

The Uffizi Gallery is a place which will make your tour of Florence a memorable one. This place has one of the most significant and greatest collections of arts from the entire world. This is one of the oldest museums of the whole world. Most tourist guides will urge and advice you to visit Uffizi gallery if you go to Italy on a holiday tour. If you are keen to visit this place then you will need to book a ticket in advance.

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  • Duomo

Duomo is one of the most wonderful places of Florence. You should not miss to see it. It is a magnificent building that’s why it dominates the beauty of the city. You can also see this virtually from anywhere. In this building there is one nice café where you can enjoy pizzas and a hot cup of coffee. Just walk around this building and observe its every aspect. Just look its elevated positions and view the city from it from various angles.

  • River Arno Cross Over Bridge

This is a wonderful place for tourists. It is one of the highest tourist attractions of Florence city. This destination is to get a nice retreat. It is a historical bridge which remains packed with hundreds of visitors from off shore destinations. You will be delighted to visit Boboli gardens that lie near Arno Cross.


Having a tour of Florence Italy can be a unique and memorable of your life. If you need we can book and arrange holiday tour to Florence for you. All you need is to visit us at

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