Guide to Enjoy Some Exclusive Cuisine in Lisbon

Lisbon is actually one of the many places in Europe, which are best known as the excellent destination to enjoy some delicious food items. If you are a foodie and are craving for cuisines belonging to Portuguese, European, etc, then Lisbon is the right destination.

Dishes to try in Lisbon

When on a food tour Lisbon, you definitely do not like to miss some cuisines there. Some are listed below.

Polvo a legareiro (a dish that consist roasted octopus in olive oil)

Olive oil, or also known as azeite is something that Portuguese never forget to add in their dishes. Octopus legs will be neatly roasted in enough supply of olive oil and is served with boiled potatoes as a side dish.

Bacalhau a bras (mixture of salt cod in the scrambled eggs)

This is one of the dishes that you will find added in almost all Lisbon food tours. Salt cod will be first cured in salt and is rehydrated to bring out the flavor of the flesh. With finely cut potatoes and scrambled eggs, the rehydrated cod will be cooked so as to not make the dish more delicious than it already is.

Sericaia com ameixa de Elvas (a crystallized plum and a soft textured eggy cake)

Portuguese are very much fond of food items that are prepared with egg. Sericaia is a kind of pudding that is created using some common ingredients such as flour, eggs, milk, cinnamon dust, etc. Elvas plum is an important ingredient that is added to the pudding at the end. Sericaia com ameixa de Elvas is actually a must have dish in almost all cafes in Lisbon and you can enjoy tasting the dish in any café nearby you.

The tourist guide available in any food tour Lisbon will not only enlighten you with some must visit places in Lisbon, but will also help you learn about some delicious cuisines exclusive for Lisbon.

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