Get your Visa to Sri Lanka online

Visa requirement for Sri Lanka visit cannot be neglected as it is an important requirement for entry in Sri Lanka. Visa is a kind of permission granted by the Sri Lankan government to the individuals for making an entry in Sri Lanka via any route. All you need to have the Sri Lankan Visa is passport with at-least next six months validity, ID proof and return tickets.  Including these, individuals should also have a valid reason to visit Sri Lanka. It could be the excursion, medical treatment, business or any other reason for which you want to visit Sri Lanka.

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Look for an advanced way of getting visa

Obtaining the Sri Lankan visa is quite hectic as the individuals have to visit the office of Sri Lankan embassy in their country and follow all the processes to get their visas. It is the time taking process.  Now, Sri Lankan governments provide technologically advanced methods of electronic filing for the visa. It is eTA visa which stands for electronic travel authority visa. Getting eTA is an easy process as you will just have to the site fill the visa application form, pay Visa fees and get your visa directly in your mailbox.

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Fill the application form correctly

It is essential that applicants should submit their completely filled visa application form. In case, any of the detail is a mission, the application shall be cancelled. Later, applicants will have to make the application again to get their Visa. If you find it difficult to fill the online visa application form by yourself, take help from the visa application filing agent. They will charge you fees other than visa application fees but you can be assured that your visa application form will be submitted correctly. The applicant has to ensure that all the details provided in the form are accurate. In case, any kind of mistake or variation from the real details is found, visa application can be cancelled.

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