Crowdfunding and healthcare: how this can make healthcare available to all

When considering the most vulnerable populations in India, we think of people living below the poverty line, people with disabilities, people facing discrimination such as scheduled caste and scheduled tribes, the aged poor, sex workers, and people living with HIV. A large majority of people that belong to these groups are deprived of certain rights such as education, employment, equality, and even basic healthcare. Yes – even basic healthcare.

In most cases it is two main factors that pose as the greatest challenge when it comes to making healthcare available to all – access and money. Today we are discussing this because we at Impact Guru would like to tell how both these challenges can be overcome by encouraging more Indians to start crowdfunding India campaigns. It’s scary to think of the number of people who’ve had to actually forego medical treatment because the cost of getting professional medical help was beyond the means of the sufferer or family. Medical insurance is an option mostly available only to middle-class and higher populations. And getting loans is a risk not everyone can take, if if they’re unable to repay the loan along with the high interest rate, they could lose personal assets. Through medical crowdfunding India campaigns, families can easily raise money for doctor’s fees, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hospitalization, or other medical aid. Certain crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru have tremendous experience in assisting people with medical financial problems, and helping them raise money for treatment and healthcare.

When speaking of healthcare access, we must acknowledge that quality and reliable healthcare facilities are not distributed evenly in India – unfortunately, diseases and illnesses are. We have so many remote villages in rural areas whose inhabitants have never seen the insides of a hospital or a clinic. As a result, they resort to unreliable and dated methods of curing illness, which sometimes even make problems worse. So many illness can be prevented by just building basic, but quality medical facilities in areas that vulnerable populations come from. Additionally, education and awareness programs to teach people about sanitation, diseases, disabilities, and other pressing healthcare concerns will also be a huge step in the prevention of illnesses. By raising funds online for such causes – be it building hospitals, training people in first aid, health screenings, or education and awareness programs, we can encourage the community to come together and help the most vulnerable people in India. After all, as a society, we are responsible and interdependent on one another.

If any healthcare related cause is of concern to you, you can always find financial support to build an initiative on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform. Starting a campaign with us is completely free, and can take less than 5 minutes. Get started today!

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