6 Best Photo Spots in Philadelphia

While going around Philadelphia, you’ll find hundreds of sights that would surely excite any photographer. From history, architectural wonders, arts, nature, water and city skyline, you’ll never run out of photo opportunities here. So, be ready to pack your bags, grab your camera and set on an adventure to see the most iconic and picturesque city, which is Philadelphia.

  1. Philadelphia City Hall – South Broad Street

People come to gather here on one of the most popular landmarks that sit in the middle of the city, which is the City Hall. This majestic structure has a French second empire style architectural masterpiece that took 30 years to build. Its exterior is adorned with an array of statues, including the huge statue of William Penn right on top of it.

You can get excellent photos of the City Hall ground-level perspective if you go just a few blocks down on South Broad Street. So, when you get your ESTA approved be sure to snap lots of photos when you get there.

  1. The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

For those who travel from Philadelphia to New Jersey and back sees this as just an ordinary sight. But the Ben Franklin Bridge gives photographers the opportunity to see the best skyline of the city. It is among America’s oldest bridges that have been called the longest suspension bridge in the world, once.

You can walk up to its sidewalks during sunset or at golden hour and see the captivating beauty of the entire city in a different light. The bridge’s footpath, which is almost one and a half mile, also has the best waterfront views. It’s a popular spot for photographers, bikers and runners alike.

  1. Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk

It is a pathway that extends 2,000 feet over the Schuylkill River Trail that connects Locust Street to South Street. People come here to enjoy the picturesque course that has the greatest view of the city skyline both on the ground and above. Visiting the area either day or night will give you each a different experience. Marvel at the reflections of the light and surrounding on the surface of the water.

It’s another good reason to get your ESTA Visa to visit Philadelphia and capture their scenic skylines. At the South Street end of the path, you can go on a ramp to reach the top of South Street Bridge and take beautiful overhead photos of the city.

  1. Rittenhouse Square

Aside from shopping, Rittenhouse square is also a well-known venue for picnics, dog walking, and wedding pictures. The tree-lined park serves as a perfect backdrop for portraits. The park has a serene and peaceful ambiance. Try to unwind and relax in one of its many benches.

You’d even get to see performances from local dancers, musicians, and other entertainers. Photographers enjoy this spot for people watching and taking photos of dogs playing around. The park also has a fountain at the center, perfect for taking pictures.

  1. Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you are looking for artworks, the Philadelphia Art Museum of Art is a perfect place to visit. It houses hundreds of painting, photographs, prints, and sculptures collected from across history. The works here are mostly American, Asian and European art putting emphasis on European and Impressionist paintings.

With its massive steps, pillars, walls and Greek architectural design, it is wonderful to experience and capture. Apply for your USA Visa and take a walk on the artistic side of Philadelphia. You might even get tempted to recreate the famous Rocky Balboa scenes yourself.

  1. Boathouse Row – Delaware River

The Boathouse row is a collection of 19th-century boathouses situated on Kelly Drive. It houses 15 local boating or rowing clubs and is a famous photo spot for its stunning views. The place is best viewed during the night as the houses are all illuminated and outlined with bright lights during wintertime. These lights are reflected in the water making the scene picture perfect.

The shore here has one of the best running and cycling trails in the city. It is simply breathtaking and a sight to behold, and you wouldn’t want to miss it, so why not get your USA ESTA and pack your camera right away?

Each street, landmarks, old buildings, and structures you see in Philadelphia tells a story about its character, people and history. It is a beautiful place that has so much to offer for anyone. You’ll never have a hard time finding inspiration in a city like Philadelphia.

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